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Nico is a holistic  fitness coach with over 10 years experience. Being an athlete from a young age, you could say health and well being is in his blood. Whether it be yoga, meditation or personal training each aspect has created a coach who goes that bit deeper. The experience of having gone through major surgeries and overcoming them to amplifying his  his own training and life, he uses those same techniques methods and experience to guide others on a path of rediscovery and transformation.


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I found yoga in the form of a sweat box down an alley in South London, Brixton boy born and raised which honestly left me feeling like Jesus. 


Since that experience I dabbled here and there casually, mainly using a class as a one off buzz every now and then.  It wasn't until an overindulgent London life style and ACL reconstructive knee surgery did I really start taking it seriously, discovering the true power of yoga I underwent a deep transformation.  I have been able to delve deep into my mind and unravel all the knots which had accumulated mainly due to toxic behaviors, not to mention healing my knee in record time.

Life can be very tough if you allow your mind to get the better of you, which in my case it did and it took me a while to realize.  So my teaching style  aims to show you those fears, come face to face with those troubles and realise that you have the strength to endure and the wisdom to overcome.


One-on-one yoga class, either online or in person.  These are personalized sessions tailored to your specific requirements. A great way to enhance your practice.


Group sessions with a like minded community, a  great chance to connect and practice among people on the same path.

Personal Training

Using the fundamental goal of getting you to move better with focus on functional training which enhances your everyday life, you can be sure that every movement is geared towards making you structurally stronger and mobile.  Backed by science and a strong emphasis on mind and body the aim is to connect the two in a way which makes you move more consciously and with intention.

understanding the basic principles of optimum posture and movement, you will see how to move in a way that makes you a more efficient and productive mover ultimately achieving your goals, whatever they may be.

Having been a trainer and yoga teacher for the past 10 years there is never one size fits all and it is always a priority to find the training which amplifies your every day life.



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